Support for entrepreneurs-to-be in cross-generational teams at Comenius University in Bratislava

At Comenius University in Bratislava (CU), the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship offers a course “Development of Entrepreneurial Skills in Cross Generation Teams”. It is a semester-long course where seniors and undergraduate students work together in teams on real-life businesses. The idea is not only to provide instructions but to transfer motivation and an enterprising mindset between the two generations. The seniors who participate in the course are from the University of the Third Age (UTA) which is part of the CU’s Centre for Continuing Education. Both generations regard their participation fruitful due to the personal and professional experiences gained. The main problem so far has been time – students’ own time available to develop a business and the short period of time in which the course is taught. The teachers and mentors encourage student teams to build their ideas meriting from their personal framework. In order to evaluate the teams’ business ideas, mentors and peers provide feedback throughout the course.

  • Case studies
Area of discipline:
Business and Economics