Preparing teachers for entrepreneurial education at University College of Christian Churches for Teacher Education Vienna/Krems, Austria

The University College of Christian Churches for Teacher Education Vienna/Krems (KPH) educates preservice and in-service teachers for primary and secondary schools. The University has a Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and value-based Business Didactics, which aims to empower pupils to shape society and the economy in a responsible way. Therefore, it employs a unique combination of pedagogics and entrepreneurship, enabling (aspiring) teachers to provide entrepreneurship education to pupils aged 6 to 19 years. The didactic concept is based on the TRIO model of entrepreneurial education, which leads from core entrepreneurial education via entrepreneurial culture to entrepreneurial civic education. The KPH Vienna/Krems participates in the development of the European programme Youth Start for primary and secondary schools, especially in the scientific support of field trials and teacher training. Moreover, KPH is an active partner in the Austrian National Action Plan for Entrepreneurship Education (2020-2025), This Plan emphasises an understanding of entrepreneurship that is oriented towards a sustainable society and economy.

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