OECD – EC: Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Education in Greece (2021)

This HEInnovate country review of Greece identifies numerous innovative and entrepreneurial practices in HEIs throughout the country, and adds to the collection of good practices in country reviews. The Greek national higher education (HE) system has promoted the role of HEIs and Research Centres (RCs) within their communities to support sustainability and economic growth. Recent efforts have concentrated on developing research collaborations and partnerships, promoting student exchange, and joint programmes with universities abroad. In turn, these efforts have also attracted internationalisation “at home”: for instance, Greek HEIs and RCs have organised events and conferences inviting international researchers to collaborate in their research projects. . In addition, HEIs have increasingly been creating partnerships with actors in their communities, taking the opportunities for new ways of collaborating and exchanging information on the national and international stages.

  • Country reviews
Submitted on:
06 Dec 2021