Gamification to develop entrepreneurial thinking and acting at Aarhus University and beyond

Gamification plays a special role in entrepreneurship teaching at Aarhus University and in the EIT Food Master’s programme in Food Systems. Digital & physical games are a speciality of an entrepreneurship professor from Aarhus University. In several courses he has been using both physical and digital games for targeted purposes. Three games played an important role in online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic: LeapInTime is a patent game developed specifically during the pandemic to tackle online team learning about intellectual property. Savvygoat requires teams to fulfil tasks for climbing a mountain, training students in collaboration and internal team and project management. ESHIP:NavigatingUncertainty is a multiplayer cooperative board game that teaches student teams to decide cooperatively under uncertainty. Available evidence indicates a positive effect on students. Serious games tend to enhance their technical understanding related to entrepreneurial processes such as intellectual property protection and acting under market uncertainty. However, the effect of digital games on improving teamwork skills was found to be limited.

  • Case studies
Submitted on:
23 Mar 2023