Entrepreneurship education on a digital path for family businesses at GEA College

GEA College is a private business school and training centre with approximately 500 students per academic year located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, that focuses on entrepreneurship education for family businesses. GEA emphasises highly practical education, personal relationships between students and teachers as well as strong connections with the business community. Since 2016, GEA has been systematically digitising its processes. First, GEA began shifting processes for students to the digital sphere because the College considers students to be its main stakeholders. Second, GEA digitised processes for its employees. In all changes, GEA involves students and employees through extensive online surveys, consultations and meetings. Nowadays, almost all administrative processes at GEA are digitised. Students have to fill in approximately 30 online surveys per year, allowing them to assess processes and teaching. When the Covid-19 crisis hit, the whole business school was able to shift to online teaching overnight because of the know-how previously gained in several programmes that already had digital components such as videos and webinars.

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Business and Economics