Education in sustainable entrepreneurship at Sofia University, Bulgaria

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” offers several study programmes at different degree levels that combine sustainability and entrepreneurship: A bachelor’s programme in Biomanagement and Sustainable Development, a master’s programme in Sustainable and Responsible Governance, and a continued education programme in sustainable leadership. The programmes respond to the United Nation’s agenda to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals as well as to the European Green Deal. They aim to train a new type of specialist in sustainable business development, corporate social responsibility as well as in the public and civil sectors. In the Master’s programme, partnerships with business, governments, and the social sector allow students to gain in-depth practical experiences. While it was challenging to find educators who combine expertise in subjects such as management, finance, and law with sustainability, these specialised experts are now a strength of the programmes. The University expects graduates to have a profound impact on sustainability in the organisations in which they will become employed or to which they will return.

  • Case studies
Submitted on:
23 Mar 2023