Upcoming webinar - HEInnovate and entreTime

This month’s HEInnovate webinar “Growing & spreading ecosystems  to support entrepreneurship” will take place on Thursday 30th June 2022 at 5pm CEST and is organised in collaboration with entreTime, an EU funded project (https://entretime.sce.de/aboutus/).

The entreTime consortium developed a three-month train-the-trainer programme, following the philosophy of “teaching through entrepreneurship” and applying the EntreComp framework. The training programme provides a learning experience for improving an educator's personal development, understanding the value of entrepreneurial competences as practical life skills, and triggering entrepreneurial spirit and societal responsibility among participating educators and their enterprising students. The methodology of entreTime embraces experiential learning to build skills and attitudes such as problem-solving, human empathy, teamwork, communication, self-efficacy, adaptability and resilience.

The webinar will be moderated by Andrew Harrison (learning studio, UK) and will entail three parts:

(1) Overview of the entreTime experience – telling the story of entreTime – what we expected to do; what we did; what we have learnt from this. What do we think the experience means for practice?

(2) Fishbowl discussion about how entreTime can contribute to the growing and spreading of ecosystems to support entrepreneurship. The participants are members of the consortium and former participants and coaches of the entreTime programme:

  • Klaus Sailer, Professor at University of Applied Sciences Munich and CEO of Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, Germany, member of the entreTime consortium
  • Bárbara Gabriel, Deputy-Dean for Internationalisation at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Aveiro, Portugal
  • Louisa Huxtable-Thomas, Associate Professor in the School of Management at Swansea University, UK
  • Gosia Mitka, Associate Dean for Education (Arts and Divinity) at the the University of St Andrews, UK, participant of the entreTime pilot programme
  • Sven Sterzenbach, Professor at University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany, participant and coach of the entreTime pilot programme

(3) Interactive session - feedback and reflection by the audience


We look forward to welcoming you at the webinar!

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30 Jun 2022