HEInnovate webinar – New directions: sustainability, regional innovation and labour market relevance

This month’s HEInnovate webinar “New directions: sustainability, regional innovation and labour market relevance” will take place on Thursday 24th February 2022 at 5pm CET

For this webinar, we would particularly like to warmly invite HEInnovate users - past and present, as it aims to provide an opportunity to feed into future adjustments of HEInnovate, to ensure it continues to remain relevant to the needs of all higher education institutions (HEIs).


During the webinar, we will specifically explore the different roles that higher education institutions play in the regions, through the lens of a selection of ongoing initiatives which serve as inspiration. Our intention is to engage with the panellists and the audience to gather ideas for the future focus of HEInnovate: for the content of the self-assessment, and for the tools and other support which is available.


The webinar will be moderated by Rebecca Allinson, Managing Partner at Technopolis Group, and engages four experts to present three different initiatives:

  • Andrea-Rosalinde Hofer, OECD, and Monika Wyman, European Commission, DG EAC will present on Labour Market Relevance and the Outcomes of HE (LMRO). Starting in 2019, the LMRO Partnership Initiative is a collaborative project with Austria, Hungary, Portugal, and Slovenia. The aim is to assist policy-makers and higher education institutions to develop effective ways in aligning the skills cultivated by higher education systems with those sought by employers.
  • Raffaele Trapasso, from the Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities, OECD will present on the experiences from the HEInnovate Country reviews. The Country reviews assist policy makers, HEI leaders and staff to identify and act upon opportunities, enablers and challenges to support the development of entrepreneurial and innovative HEIs. The reviews include case studies and best practice examples as well as recommendations for the future. 
  • Andreia Inamorato dos Santos, European Commission, JRC, will present on HESS – Higher Education for Smart Specialisation. Launched in 2016, HESS analyses how HEIs can be better integrated into smart specialisation policy mixes and how European Structural and Investment Funds can be more effectively targeted to enhance smart specialisation.  

We will also be launching a poll to collect audience feedback, as well as providing a moderated question and answer session to explore the regional dimension of HEInnovate in more detail. We will launch a further survey following the webinar.


We welcome your full participation!

  • Webinar
Online event
24 Feb 2022