Expert profile
István Vilmos Kovács

Istvan is a member of the HEInnovate expert group and he contributed as the national expert to the HEInnovate Hungary review. Istvan has been working on the development of the entrepreneurial culture of higher education institutions (HEIs) for years. Based on his experience with HEIs there is a great potential of actions with impact on entrepreneurship and innovation. Identifying key players, supporting the networking of those who have been or would act in this field are the first steps. He found that a common knowledge base and a knowledge sharing culture is a further area that might be crucial, including the need for evidence based self-reflection. Istvan also has significant expertise in internationalisation, and is a strong supporter of mobilising the talent and enthusiasm of students, who represent an often-unused resource for the HEIs to foster transformation. Istvan led several projects from creating strategic commitment to well targeted financial tools in order to improve innovation capacity of higher education institutions.

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