Teaching through entrepreneurship - Toolkit for educators

What is this entreTime toolkit about?

If you are an educator interested in further fostering the entrepreneurial mindset of your students improving their employability options and grasping entrepreneurial opportunities, this is a worthwhile resource!

Following our philosophy of "teaching through entrepreneurship”, with the support of a pool of experienced professionals in the domain, entreTime, as EU funded initiative, developed a unique, ready to use "teach the teacher” massive open online course.

The whole path is inspired by the belief that entrepreneurship is an excellent tool with which to equip students to help them generate impact and take responsibility for the future and for a better world.

Learn more about the entreTime programme from some of the experts and former participants
Main goals
  • Spark your entrepreneurial mindset to be able to teach authentically to inspire your students
  • Provide you as a teacher with the needed knowledge about what is entrepreneurship when you want to educate that at the university
  • Give access to our community of peers for sharing experiences and practices
Key takeaways
The training programme offers:
  • Learning how to better motivate your students and foster their entrepreneurial mindset
  • Pedagogical insights on how to make your education more relevant for students increasing their employability and resilience
  • Personal and faculty level development by embedding entrepreneurship into your teaching
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What's included?
  • A 7 module MOOC based on the EntreComp framework
    • Pedagogy
    • Entrepreneurial mindset, personality and competences
    • Innovation, creativity and opportunity spotting
    • System thinking, ecosystems, networks
    • Intrapreneurship, co-creation, business modelling
    • Responsibility and sustainability
    • Communication, coaching, storytelling
  • Quizzes, reflection exercises and accompanying slide decks for each module
  • MOOC User Guide and Syllabus
  • A handbook "How to create your entreTime Programme at your HEI"