The HEI regularly assesses the institution's international activities in relation to its entrepreneurial agenda

An internationalisation strategy integrates international, multicultural and intercultural dimensions into the purpose, functions and practices of higher education institutions. Many aspects of an internationalisation strategy will link strongly to the entrepreneurial agenda of an HEI. Understanding and measuring the effects of these inter-linkages can provide insight on how best to develop such synergies and complementarities. Impact assessment helps make a stronger case to stakeholders of all types for funding and strategic initiatives, both important for internationalisation and entrepreneurship. In order to do this, clear cross cutting objectives should be set out which reflect the international and the entrepreneurial culture of the HEI. Developing such objectives may involve key personnel in leadership roles who are responsible for the different agendas and are committed to ensuring the HEI benefits from both sets of priorities, for greater gains.

As with all impact measurement, having a good baseline is crucial if the HEI is to understand the changes which have been effected in relation to internationalisation and the entrepreneurial agenda. These measurements will include classic indicators relating to mobility periods for staff and students, internationalisation in the curriculum, international (and entrepreneurial) staff, as well as numbers of international research projects, teams, networks and relationships. These indicators can be re-used to provide evidence of achievement of the objectives of the entrepreneurial agenda. For example, of the entrepreneurial agenda is encouraging international entrepreneurship, this data could be collected to serve dual purposes. Other important measurements relate to the coordination between entrepreneurial leaders within the institution and those lead on the internationalisation agenda. This includes operational aspects such at the international relations office.

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